i will freely admit i am a grinch. nothing personal against Christmas. birthdays and the festive season are generally not my thing either. could be due to my ever-running stint in the customer service biz, that people's inner crazy always seems to come out at family events or that my mother insists we listen to babyface's Christmas album circa 1998


however this holiday season, i am trying to make an exception. mariah carey has been played more than once, christmas carols have been sung at church, fairy lights admired and sugar cookies are currently being baked.
all i need now is a bad reindeer sweater and the cycle is complete.

ps. seems Beach House are making an exception too.

arcade fire do it better.

i'm assuming everyone and their mother has seen this already but it's too cool to pass up.


Farewelled a friend over the weekend with Henna, folk music and plenty of carrot and celery sticks.
i love her to bits and selfishly would rather she stay put.

{prettying it up in adelaide}


{pics stolen and ripped from facebook}


Tron, where good looking glow-in-the-dark people ride around on bikes, play ultimate frisbee
and dance to Daft Punk in their spare time.

some were more enthusiastic than others.


Spending my friday night with The Morning Benders.
Too brilliant for words they are. Here's hoping Santa snags me some tickets to see them soon.
Can you ever spend too much op-shopping? two hours and a few dollars short i left yesterday with a giant bag full of all-sorts and one superbright pink blazer. It's all for the greater good right?! the greater good for my closet mind you but greater good nonetheless...


There's definitely something about rummaging through photo albums and old keepsakes. Stumbled across these tonight. Can't get enough.

my very own parents on the left around the time they met.

my photo's don't look nearly as cool as these bad boys. sincere apologies future children of mine.


just to save time and because i find it increasingly difficult to form proper sentences {really should've listened to the olds when they warned me of facebook and the dangers of being part of a 'text generation'} let me break down my last bit of october and novemeber in dot points.

  • i cut all my hair off. see the embarrassing and poor quality webpic that got emailed 'round to my friends and family below.
  • tagged along with friends and caught Ingrid Michaelson. She is incredible live.

  • said hello to the queensland sun after days of miserable weather down here.

and there you have it, november.
Back on blogger after a short interim {oh yes, i'm breaking out the big words} so here we go!


parklife the deez!

ok so i could break down parklife into a giant post, say how i got to see washington, gypsy & the cat, wolf gang, kele okereke etc etc but all you really need to know is that..

darwin deez are amazing in every way, shape & form of the word.

i'm not even exaggerating and if you ever get the chance to see them/their dance routines/his hair, go go go! i believe i was the luckiest girl that day to meet the drummer greg, and am not ashamed for the fangirl squeals that ensued as soon as i was able to tell somebody. ok maybe a little.

girl speaks the truth.

{via thxthxthx}



Spent the rainy afternoon in the city with my friend Liv, who's visiting from Adelaide. Since we couldn't make it down to China town we did the next best thing, photoplus! See how we completely botched our 5 -most stressful- mins in the booths below.
No peace signs, nothing. The schoolgirls put us to shame.



Rediscovered Friendly Fires and haven't stopped listening, ok obsessively listening to them since that very day plus a little Beach House & Miike Snow at the end for good measure.
but to you friends, fellow bloggers, or person who happened to come across this here blog what are you all listening to?! yes i'm sending out a question into cyberspace so don't make me look like a fool now!

birthdays & boats.

Celebrated Vesna's birthday on a boat with some unfriendly irish people, a shady DJ
and old friends.


Spring is already 13 days in which means goodbye winter, frost and grey skies and hello sunshine & hayfever! but if it means i will have to deal with allergies until summer's return, so be it.

quite alot has been going on, and i'm afraid this here blog was a little blue- but we're back in business people!

....for now. ha.


I now understand that staying up this late, eating chocolate, listening to whatever shuffle decides to churn out can do terrible things to your mind, brain, what have you.

what am i doing?
where am i going?
what do i want to do with my life?

answers, please get a move on.


election day!

My course may strangle the very life out of me but it's times like these i'm glad i'm informed.
Politics. i love and loathe you.



so much to do and so little time. story of my life.

joy and misery!

blows my mind. i would strongly consider trading my firstborn for a time machine to go back and witness this magnificence in the flesh.

music, why are you so good for me?


Live Below The Line.

My inspiring friend Karyan alongside a bunch of young Australians has dedicated herself to 'Live Below The Line' that is feeding herself off the extreme poverty line ie. $2 a day. If that wasn't enough she's also raising awareness and money with the Oaktree Foundation.
So if you're feeling a bit charitable or want to see what the go is. click here. or check out her blog.
orrr click here to directly donate to Karyan and help send some needy children to school.

adelaide radelaide.

Began the month of august with friends and a pretty city.
There was a ball, a birthday party, a football game, china town &. happy snaps, exploring the beautiful city and it's botanical gardens {note for all you australians or future visitors: you must visit these gardens.} -we're not even done yet- church times, signs, a late night chase and then finally nearly missing our plane after waking up 15 minutes after boarding time
but honestly, if we had to stay a little longer i wouldn't have minded one bit...

{image cred goes to the talented kelsie}


Papa vs Pretty.

Currently digging these sydney boys {something must be in the water up there} and their guerilla gigs. Wish these guys were on my bus instead of the regular crazies.

{Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles Cover) - Live from the Bus from Papa Vs Pretty on Vimeo.}


Take 1. Take 2.

Catching up with friends over what else but greasy cheeseburgers and thickshakes. mmm.
If only gyms were places to have conversations, think of the benefits!?
That's it, i'm marrying a musician. and if he 'happens' to have a beard, appreciate folk and manage to play a guitar whilst singing, so be it! i'm not that picky afterall...



i'm back at uni with these cool kids...
Saying that, this next half of the year i'm fiercely {yes. fiercely} determined to cutdown on the drawing-instead-of-notetaking-subway-visiting-lecture-skipping-photoboothing-talking-in-class-tute-missing-late-assignment-submitting activites and adopt the opposite this semester.


friday shenanigans.

What's a friday night without friends, costumes, lots of food, a beauuutiful house and a murder mystery? think Cluedo except without the board and pieces. so much fun and all made possible by the lovely Hannah* on the bottom right {who clearly pulls a much cuter 'panda face' than me} and now i'm afraid all my friday nights following this evening just won't shape up.

*see her blog by clicking here.

{images via said lovely lady.}

hi july.

july has arrived. six months into 2010 and i can't catch my breath. time is whizzing past.


we'll still be best friends when it turns to dust.

The Morning Benders & Friends. Swoon worthy i tells ya.

Procrastination {theres that P word again} led me to this and i have no qualms about it.
da da da daaa -da da da da......

if you're avoiding the books like me do check out their covers of Fleetwood Mac and The Cardigans
here and here.

{found via offtheradar}

what's that?

sweet freedom is just around the corner!?
american foreign policy down now onto that crazy cat Hu Jintao and the power transition theory. fun times.




i want adventure.
i need to make money.


oy with the poodles already!

haters of gilmore girls look away...

Lately i've been finding myself, well at least my insomniac self curled up on the couch watching the lovely ladies of stars hollow talk at the speed of lightning till the very wee hours of the morning. Granted i do have the series box set to make this all possible but i see a very grim future for my exam marks if i keep this habit up.
Back to 'studying' i go...


Sorry to have 3 consecutive posts with the word 'iphone' in it now but i must send out a big thank you to my old childhood -and clearly very crafty- friend Martine {yes all the way from the motherland, new zealand!} for sending this lovely owl case over! i love it! and now have the hard task of finding something equally as cool to post back. Do check out her blog! {by clicking that ol' link on ze left}



after work.

melbourne city + three oldies too tired to dance + 24hr dessert at chapellis = an excellent friday night out.

{top left to right: vesna, ivana & i*}

{ bottom: death by chocolate. delicious, in all forms of the word & it would seem a overjoyed keen me at 2am in the morn'}

*re: previous post: you may have noticed my iphone obsession has transcended to these apps.
hipstamatic and shake it. so, so good.

iphones anonymous.

i have a confession, i kamaia, am addicted to my iphone. not like 'hey let me check that email' more like 'hey-let-me-check-that-email-oh-wait-i-changed-the-settings-to-alarm-me-every-15-minutes' and not only that but the games! oh the games. at first it started as a boredom solver on my way to uni but it has since taken over my life. {those damn angry birds even made me miss my train station on wednesday} right this moment as i close my eyes i can still see that little green monster doodle-jumping it's way to victory.



lunch/'making sales'

looking like fools over a massive spread of nachos, caesar salad and tortellini.

boy & bear.

I did originally intend to see this little lady, Lisa Mitchell

but these sydney-siders stole my heart on thursday night.
boys singing out in plaid shirts and paupers hats are apparently my thing.

see why- here, and below.


tuesday night.

terrorizing josh and getting served up delicious serbian treats by vesna's mum
makes for an evening well spent.
two things i learnt today.

1. skipping on lectures to catch up with friends over tasty, tasty nachos, buying the cutest leather bag for a steal on ebay and discovering new boots on topshop is NOT a waste of time.

2. napping the whole night away is.


go do!

i may toss the L word around alot but i love, love, LOVE this man. Although Sigur Ros {another love.} are on hiatus i still have Jonsi's tunes to listen to over and over and over and over again.
I suggest you do the same.

{image cred: weheartit}

i asked myself, should i post this?

and then i thought yes, who am i to deny the very public forum that is the internet these quality snaps?!
so here we are.
remember this post from way back when? let's call this stiller {revisited}

word to the wise

i was never one for physics, i'm a humanities girl through-and-through but for the first time, the great Albert Einstein spoke to me.


A few of my friends and i have decided to start heading to the gym, considering my form of exercise these days pretty much consists of running to and fro the train station, this was a big deal. Sweat-towels {who knew towels existed for one sole purpose?} in tow we went off to our first RPM class -don't ask me what the acronym stands for, i have no clue- which is basically a room full of 15+ women in tighty-tight pants cycling their little hearts out while the teacher screams and grunts over remixed Michael Buble for the next hour. Highly amusing and terrible for my legs. We're hoping to make this a weekly thing so i better stock up on said towels and probably buy some real trainers hey? Wish me Luck!

ps. In my blogosphere absence i turned one year older! happy birthday me! i'll post up some pics etc soon!


hello next pay cheque?

The Holgaroid.

oh please, oh please, oh please!

{via urbanoutfitters. who fyi is finally delivering to australia. happy days!}

i ♥ florence.

if you've been hiding under a rock for the last year you wouldn't have a clue who this woman is but for the rest of you out there in the blogosphere..
i couldn't resist. Florence and the Machine.
-i'm thinking of naming my first-born after this super rad red-head {no, not 'the machine'} thoughts?

Blame my lack of dosh, blame my lack of saving money more like it but my inner music nerd has been youtubing live gigs since the wake of the AMAZING lineup for Splendour. My summer was sadly festival-less and this just broke my heart in two. break out the violins people!


bada bing.

fact: darwin deez have had me bopping along all day.


rachael graham. superstar.

This past wednesday i had the opportunity of catching my friend's very first gig at the local pub.
Rachael was ah-mazing. and not like amazing-she's-my-friend-so-of-course?!
as in ah-mazing. period.
Here she is {on the left} covering 'the chain' by another superstar songstress Ingrid Michaelson.


talented people make me smile.


My sister is currently in the very snowy state of Utah right now all the way across the pacific and my little eyes are strugging to stay open so I don't miss her call. why oh why must there be time zones? it's very inconvenient and doing poor things to my sleeping pattern.

Oh and April, you came around way too fast. a little slower would be nice.


i have lovely friends

one in particular, Chantelle -who left this little note in the back of the car after a long night of rollerblading and cake-eating {can you think of a better way to spend a tuesday night? no. didn't think so.}