Papa vs Pretty.

Currently digging these sydney boys {something must be in the water up there} and their guerilla gigs. Wish these guys were on my bus instead of the regular crazies.

{Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles Cover) - Live from the Bus from Papa Vs Pretty on Vimeo.}


Take 1. Take 2.

Catching up with friends over what else but greasy cheeseburgers and thickshakes. mmm.
If only gyms were places to have conversations, think of the benefits!?
That's it, i'm marrying a musician. and if he 'happens' to have a beard, appreciate folk and manage to play a guitar whilst singing, so be it! i'm not that picky afterall...



i'm back at uni with these cool kids...
Saying that, this next half of the year i'm fiercely {yes. fiercely} determined to cutdown on the drawing-instead-of-notetaking-subway-visiting-lecture-skipping-photoboothing-talking-in-class-tute-missing-late-assignment-submitting activites and adopt the opposite this semester.


friday shenanigans.

What's a friday night without friends, costumes, lots of food, a beauuutiful house and a murder mystery? think Cluedo except without the board and pieces. so much fun and all made possible by the lovely Hannah* on the bottom right {who clearly pulls a much cuter 'panda face' than me} and now i'm afraid all my friday nights following this evening just won't shape up.

*see her blog by clicking here.

{images via said lovely lady.}

hi july.

july has arrived. six months into 2010 and i can't catch my breath. time is whizzing past.