No explanation necessary. Love this.

nytimes does cheesy too.

Now, i know we are no where near fathers day but i was browsing the nytimes archives today and found this piece on fathers and it was so cute and fun i had to blog about it
The Op-Ed editors asked eight artists for portraits of their fathers along with a talent they haven't but their fathers have acquired.

Chip Kidd - as an engineer, he can juryrig anything


Harrison Haynes - He can sing and play the drums at the same time.

i loved them so of course i had to do my own, thanks to my snazzy iphone paint app and my oh so obvious skill on tiny screens so came this masterpiece on the left. haa.

Kamaia: He can tie every knot in the book and is the first to have a first aid kit on hand, he carries one with him. all the time. not kidding.

{images via Op-Art}


christmas love

Merry Christmas all!
lots of love,
four year old me


google, we are no longer pals

Confession: i suck at christmas shopping.
birthday presents, i'm a total pro
it would seem december and me just aren't
the best of friends right now
and my gift buying is suffering for it.
I even googled 'christmas presents for mum' and did they deliver? No.
Back to the drawing board i go...



current favourites.

I won't lie, I had alot of time to waste before work tonight and as a result along came this little ol' playlist
Down below are some of my -as the title of the post says- current favourites but I saw a theme coming on, stuck with it and added some oldies.
Happy Listening!

Things to remember

1. Everyone feels like everyone else, just not at the same time.
2. People are unpredictable.
3. Letting go is better than maintaining control.
4. Absolutely nothing good can come out of overthinking things.

I have another title for this list, 'things I need to do' don't know how number 1 & 2 would factor under it but I am defintely an over-thinker. Bad.

{friends for keeps}


Clean White Love.

Lisa Mitchell is really doing it for me lately...
I also have a sudden urge to purchase red gumboots, just me?


sunday mornings.

Flipping through my notebook before church today i came across a scribbled out quote from earlier this year;
''For what we love determines what we seek. What we seek determines what we think and do. What we think and do determines who we are -and who we will become''
- Dieter F. Uchtorf
{spoken at october's general conference, see more here}

Had me thinking s'all....


i'm so sorry, but mercury was in retrograde?

Lazy's unite!
Someone out there in internet land has made cards for you!*
Hallmark really should take these under consideration,
many, many times have i wanted to wish someone a 'very merry nap'
and this could be just the ticket.

*okay us, whatever!

{via ffffound}