tumblrs' aren't my kind of thing- but my friends' are pretty special.
found this over there, and can't stop pressing play.

{via absolute-horror}


kk had her wisdom teeth pulled and we played on photobooth. as you do.


deep sea divers.

Took to the sea the weekend before last to swim with the seals, mer-people and fish. 
The dolphins weren't invited to the party apparently.

st. jeromes.

yes i'm slowly making my way through the archives, and yes we're still in february.

i, with an old friend and a sturdy pair of gumboots went off to Laneway festival. i couldn't let my newfound penny-failing-saving ways get the better of me. could i!?

Jenny and JohnnyYeasayer. and a glimpse of Warpaint.

{Beach house with Stornoway on the sidelines}

it was well worth all the bruises and dehydration if i do say so myself.

feb-ru-ary in pictures.

milk bottles and cardboard targets beware, i learnt how to shoot a gun.