lunch/'making sales'

looking like fools over a massive spread of nachos, caesar salad and tortellini.

boy & bear.

I did originally intend to see this little lady, Lisa Mitchell

but these sydney-siders stole my heart on thursday night.
boys singing out in plaid shirts and paupers hats are apparently my thing.

see why- here, and below.


tuesday night.

terrorizing josh and getting served up delicious serbian treats by vesna's mum
makes for an evening well spent.
two things i learnt today.

1. skipping on lectures to catch up with friends over tasty, tasty nachos, buying the cutest leather bag for a steal on ebay and discovering new boots on topshop is NOT a waste of time.

2. napping the whole night away is.


go do!

i may toss the L word around alot but i love, love, LOVE this man. Although Sigur Ros {another love.} are on hiatus i still have Jonsi's tunes to listen to over and over and over and over again.
I suggest you do the same.

{image cred: weheartit}

i asked myself, should i post this?

and then i thought yes, who am i to deny the very public forum that is the internet these quality snaps?!
so here we are.
remember this post from way back when? let's call this stiller {revisited}

word to the wise

i was never one for physics, i'm a humanities girl through-and-through but for the first time, the great Albert Einstein spoke to me.


A few of my friends and i have decided to start heading to the gym, considering my form of exercise these days pretty much consists of running to and fro the train station, this was a big deal. Sweat-towels {who knew towels existed for one sole purpose?} in tow we went off to our first RPM class -don't ask me what the acronym stands for, i have no clue- which is basically a room full of 15+ women in tighty-tight pants cycling their little hearts out while the teacher screams and grunts over remixed Michael Buble for the next hour. Highly amusing and terrible for my legs. We're hoping to make this a weekly thing so i better stock up on said towels and probably buy some real trainers hey? Wish me Luck!

ps. In my blogosphere absence i turned one year older! happy birthday me! i'll post up some pics etc soon!