hoodie love.

My sweet friends Caitlin & Ashleigh presented this {amazing} Ben Stiller Hoodie to me today.

Well long ago we decided that as fellow brace-wearing buddies we would form a club and Ben Stiller would of course be our mascot. I know what you're thinking, these are some cooler than cool people we're talking about here. Trust me, we know.

Now, they're not finished yet but i thought i'd give you all a little taste of what's coming up.

I mentioned how sweet these two are already right? thanks again ladies!


woe is me.

Jonsi {as in Sigur Ros}, Thom Yorke, Phoenix, Julian Casablancas {as in The Strokes},
LCD Soundsystem, Echo & the Bunnymen, She & Him, Vampire Weekend,
Hot Chip, Passion Pit, As Tall as Lions, Kevin Devine, La Roux, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros,
Camera Obscura, Portugal the Man, Deerhunter, Florence & the Machine, Yann Tiersen, The Middle East
Hear that? oh that was just my heart breaking. over here. on the opposite end of the world.


boredom leads to rambling.

it's a bad sign when Liz Lemon and her night cheese are having more fun than you are on a friday night.


ps. i love 30 rock and may or may not be youtubing clips. there is a high possibility a slanket is involved also.


note to self

'A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance'

-Hunter S. Thompson
new years resolution. check.

hello insomnia!

so far i've:
  • facebooked
  • watched 'the shining', awesome movie to watch before bedtime yes? wrong. thus...
  • 'late night with jimmy fallon' soon followed
  • ate my sister's amazing chocolate/wheat/not quite sure what's in it, slice.
  • fast-forwarded to the end of said movie.
  • somehow found myself here.

fun facts at 2am. heck yes!



so i decided, after googling {i think i have a slight obsession} haircuts galore and much
deliberation i settled on one, took the plunge, and visited the hairdresser.

and this was the result:
please excuse the lame internet pic, i was trying to email it to a friend who's interstate.

considering i went from this i was a little bit shocked but i'm getting used to it now. kinda?


i promise you i'm normal.

my brain is telling me to be productive but somehow
i find myself listening to simon & garfunkle and googling the night away
more specifically googling baby pandas. oh yes.
creepy or cute? i'd go with the latter...

how many times can you say the word 'cute' before it becomes redundant?

hooray for 2010!

happy new years internet folk!

{hello kitty-ing it up for new years eve}