so i decided, after googling {i think i have a slight obsession} haircuts galore and much
deliberation i settled on one, took the plunge, and visited the hairdresser.

and this was the result:
please excuse the lame internet pic, i was trying to email it to a friend who's interstate.

considering i went from this i was a little bit shocked but i'm getting used to it now. kinda?


  1. like i have previously said, i am a fan, though something else just came to my attention. i'm glad that despite the full-frontal-frigne, we're both sporting the same haircut. nice work kamaia.

  2. RATS! i didn't even think about that haha. well put that one under the list of the numerous amount of things we share now...

  3. i love it, very nice, this picture kinda reminds me of jennifer love-hewitt circa 'i know what you did last summer,' in a good way

  4. cheers chris! i laughed out loud to the jen-love reference haha. i loved 'party of five' so i am extra pleased with your compliment :)