I now understand that staying up this late, eating chocolate, listening to whatever shuffle decides to churn out can do terrible things to your mind, brain, what have you.

what am i doing?
where am i going?
what do i want to do with my life?

answers, please get a move on.


election day!

My course may strangle the very life out of me but it's times like these i'm glad i'm informed.
Politics. i love and loathe you.



so much to do and so little time. story of my life.

joy and misery!

blows my mind. i would strongly consider trading my firstborn for a time machine to go back and witness this magnificence in the flesh.

music, why are you so good for me?


Live Below The Line.

My inspiring friend Karyan alongside a bunch of young Australians has dedicated herself to 'Live Below The Line' that is feeding herself off the extreme poverty line ie. $2 a day. If that wasn't enough she's also raising awareness and money with the Oaktree Foundation.
So if you're feeling a bit charitable or want to see what the go is. click here. or check out her blog.
orrr click here to directly donate to Karyan and help send some needy children to school.

adelaide radelaide.

Began the month of august with friends and a pretty city.
There was a ball, a birthday party, a football game, china town &. happy snaps, exploring the beautiful city and it's botanical gardens {note for all you australians or future visitors: you must visit these gardens.} -we're not even done yet- church times, signs, a late night chase and then finally nearly missing our plane after waking up 15 minutes after boarding time
but honestly, if we had to stay a little longer i wouldn't have minded one bit...

{image cred goes to the talented kelsie}