seeing the orthodontist today! yep I have braces.
it's hiiiigh time I get these babies off but my ortho is a cruel man
who insists on torturing me and poking my oh so sensitive teeth.
I hate it.

{sources: google images & ffffound}

i may be stretching the truth a little

..but I have had this freeakin' flu for what seems like seven years. I can tell this because slowly but surely everything around me now smells like eucalyptus and/or vicks vapor rub.
In other news: 'This is it' was, and I won't be the only one to say this, ah-mazing. I love watching behind-the-scenes docos {E true hollywood story anyone? i'm secretly ashamed to admit that} and i'll be the first to put my hand up and say YES i'm the nerd who watches the making-of featurettes on dvds, so mj was a treat! watching him direct and perform was inspiring to say the least.
so in short. see it.

ps. lots of luck to marie for her english exam today :)


wham. bam. thank you ma'am.

I came across this pic, ahem mugshot of Mr. Bowie today and i'm not going to lie, I have loved David Bowie since I first saw him and those tights way back on 'labyrinth' when I was a kid
{it's on the favourite's list for sure}

He may be years older than my very own father {ew. don't go there} but he is amazingly talented and handsome to boot!
I might just go watch it for the 34982 time now...
'power of the voodoo, {who do?} you do {do what?} remind me of the babe'


pretty young thing.

Like almost everyone in the world i'm off to see the new mj flick tomorrow. I may even rock out a sequined glove just 'cos. The only letdown {yes i've already got a negative strike against TOMORROW'S activites} is that it's not in 3D you see the particular theatre I work at only just got a 3D-able screen and who wouldn't want to wear those bad boys down below?

not me that's for sure.

for starters..

Thanks to my five month hiatus from uni and the need to fill my time with something other than re runs of greys anatomy {love it} and facebook I have decided to take a leap and make a blog. I say leap because I’ve never been too good at chronicling my day-to-day activities- chronicling anything really is certainly no strength of mine, I was never one to keep a calendar and student planners would usually go out the window come first week back. In fact I think the longest time I had a ‘diary’ was two weeks, the average entry would usually go something like this;

Oh Diary (really future me reading this),

yesterday was the same as today, and why am I telling you this anyway, you should remember. Idiot!



Yep. A disaster! So let’s {you reading this, or future me if this doesn’t take off} hope that the above won’t get repeated again.

So here goes, I lived in a teeny tiny town all the way in New Zealand for half my life before packing up and moving with my family to Melbourne, Australia. As said up top I’m a uni student who earns cash by serving popcorn and other tasty tasty treats at the local cinema.

Good music makes me smile. Typos make me cringe -and this is my blog.