for starters..

Thanks to my five month hiatus from uni and the need to fill my time with something other than re runs of greys anatomy {love it} and facebook I have decided to take a leap and make a blog. I say leap because I’ve never been too good at chronicling my day-to-day activities- chronicling anything really is certainly no strength of mine, I was never one to keep a calendar and student planners would usually go out the window come first week back. In fact I think the longest time I had a ‘diary’ was two weeks, the average entry would usually go something like this;

Oh Diary (really future me reading this),

yesterday was the same as today, and why am I telling you this anyway, you should remember. Idiot!



Yep. A disaster! So let’s {you reading this, or future me if this doesn’t take off} hope that the above won’t get repeated again.

So here goes, I lived in a teeny tiny town all the way in New Zealand for half my life before packing up and moving with my family to Melbourne, Australia. As said up top I’m a uni student who earns cash by serving popcorn and other tasty tasty treats at the local cinema.

Good music makes me smile. Typos make me cringe -and this is my blog.


  1. haven't i already made you buy a moleskine??

  2. yeah... er.. about that. i think the last entry was in august(?) besides it's nearly 2010 ill start afresh then :)