Spent the rainy afternoon in the city with my friend Liv, who's visiting from Adelaide. Since we couldn't make it down to China town we did the next best thing, photoplus! See how we completely botched our 5 -most stressful- mins in the booths below.
No peace signs, nothing. The schoolgirls put us to shame.



Rediscovered Friendly Fires and haven't stopped listening, ok obsessively listening to them since that very day plus a little Beach House & Miike Snow at the end for good measure.
but to you friends, fellow bloggers, or person who happened to come across this here blog what are you all listening to?! yes i'm sending out a question into cyberspace so don't make me look like a fool now!

birthdays & boats.

Celebrated Vesna's birthday on a boat with some unfriendly irish people, a shady DJ
and old friends.


Spring is already 13 days in which means goodbye winter, frost and grey skies and hello sunshine & hayfever! but if it means i will have to deal with allergies until summer's return, so be it.

quite alot has been going on, and i'm afraid this here blog was a little blue- but we're back in business people!

....for now. ha.