so very much in love with this city.

just some stop-motion love for your wednesday. enjoy!


i've been counting down for weeks now and it's right around the bend. harry haters- watch yourselves, i'm about to geek out...



dream-maker, you heartbreaker.

this is most lovely. it also makes me feel a whole lot better about staying indoors all day with my box of tissues and lemon drops keeping me company.

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thing's are moving fast. people are moving, travelling, starting and stopping. even harry potter is in it's last days {let's not talk about that either} short story short- i can't wait to get my own adventure going. i haven't checked out blogs and tumblrs in quite a while {i know, perish the very thought} and this afternoon i've got a serious case of greenenvy after seeing/stalking all of my friends out and about around the world.
note to self: get moving.
note to self #2: eating copious amounts of chocolate chip cookies whilst stalking can do terrible things to the mind. 
let's not talk about me abandoning all my talk of keeping this blog up-to-date etc and instead enjoy this picture together.
hi friends, it feels good to be back.


tumblrs' aren't my kind of thing- but my friends' are pretty special.
found this over there, and can't stop pressing play.

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kk had her wisdom teeth pulled and we played on photobooth. as you do.


deep sea divers.

Took to the sea the weekend before last to swim with the seals, mer-people and fish. 
The dolphins weren't invited to the party apparently.

st. jeromes.

yes i'm slowly making my way through the archives, and yes we're still in february.

i, with an old friend and a sturdy pair of gumboots went off to Laneway festival. i couldn't let my newfound penny-failing-saving ways get the better of me. could i!?

Jenny and JohnnyYeasayer. and a glimpse of Warpaint.

{Beach house with Stornoway on the sidelines}

it was well worth all the bruises and dehydration if i do say so myself.

feb-ru-ary in pictures.

milk bottles and cardboard targets beware, i learnt how to shoot a gun. 


i will never ♥ you more than dvd-nights with my girlfriends...

where we talk about stupid things like feelings and men.

i'm on my way to class but until the next post- listen to soko!

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my oh my. i haven't been on here in a very... very long time. ok two months. but in blog months that's pratically a year. i promise i haven't forgotten you blog, it's just times be tough. updates are a-comin'...


there's no better time like the beginning of february to talk about january and no time like insomniac-o'clock to whip up some banana pancakes {last night's venture} or in this case update the blog.

1. Convention-ed it up in Sydney with new friends and old.

{stalk more photo's at the lovely wongblog here}
2. Got my ranga on with a wig and a birthday, and incidentally became one myself. horrible-horrrible story concerning bleach and a dodgy d.i.y dye kit but no hair has fallen out so hooray to that!

3. Celebrated pa's birthday and australia's big day all in one.

....he totally wants me.


i will freely admit i am a grinch. nothing personal against Christmas. birthdays and the festive season are generally not my thing either. could be due to my ever-running stint in the customer service biz, that people's inner crazy always seems to come out at family events or that my mother insists we listen to babyface's Christmas album circa 1998


however this holiday season, i am trying to make an exception. mariah carey has been played more than once, christmas carols have been sung at church, fairy lights admired and sugar cookies are currently being baked.
all i need now is a bad reindeer sweater and the cycle is complete.

ps. seems Beach House are making an exception too.

arcade fire do it better.

i'm assuming everyone and their mother has seen this already but it's too cool to pass up.