i have lovely friends

one in particular, Chantelle -who left this little note in the back of the car after a long night of rollerblading and cake-eating {can you think of a better way to spend a tuesday night? no. didn't think so.}

It certainly has been a long time since my last update. my days have been filled with George Orwell articles and Arabic vocabulary lately and alas, i haven't been able to post anything. I knew this time would come around but i'm determined to stick it out and keep blogging.
yes siree bob.


Puppy Mo.

i would very much like to get this for my maltese, Tobias.


hello uni. i'm baaaaack!

Today I....

    • Caught the 7:15am train to school, bypassed my station, went all the way into the city only to come back
      to my stop and realise yes. i've missed my bus.
    • Spent 2.5 hours on said transport by the day's end; told by a wee old grandpa to 'not worry, you're beautiful'
      all shades of awkward i know but cute, right?
    • Went through one whooole bottle of water before noon.
    • Walked into the wrong lecture.
    • Learnt how to say 'fursa sa'eeda' so now i can parlare di base italiano e arabico!
      please excuse my shady italian and arabic, fluent speakers!
    • Caught up with uni pals over hot chocolates.
    • Attentively tried to listen to a Lecturer with a very heavy-accent.
    • Failed and napped the last few minutes of 'do we really need democracy to promote economy?'

    yep -after 5 very long months of holidays- i'm back at school.