hello uni. i'm baaaaack!

Today I....

    • Caught the 7:15am train to school, bypassed my station, went all the way into the city only to come back
      to my stop and realise yes. i've missed my bus.
    • Spent 2.5 hours on said transport by the day's end; told by a wee old grandpa to 'not worry, you're beautiful'
      all shades of awkward i know but cute, right?
    • Went through one whooole bottle of water before noon.
    • Walked into the wrong lecture.
    • Learnt how to say 'fursa sa'eeda' so now i can parlare di base italiano e arabico!
      please excuse my shady italian and arabic, fluent speakers!
    • Caught up with uni pals over hot chocolates.
    • Attentively tried to listen to a Lecturer with a very heavy-accent.
    • Failed and napped the last few minutes of 'do we really need democracy to promote economy?'

    yep -after 5 very long months of holidays- i'm back at school.


    1. 1. i hate p.t. on thursday, i probably walked more than actually caught it over the last week and i tram it to work every day. le gay.
      2. good work on the water. finally! but come on, one bottle??i go through 2 litres before lunch haha. but i'm an addict.
      3. so so jealous of you going to school. so jealous.

    2. 1. death to metro and their delays/express lines to caulfield! seriously?! caulfield?!
      2. my fondness for water is increasing. you would be proud.
      3. please! i'm so so jealous of your impending trip to europe it's not even funny!

      4. ryan eddie edwards: and you wonder why you're 'my least favourite' haha. dumpling date?