i will freely admit i am a grinch. nothing personal against Christmas. birthdays and the festive season are generally not my thing either. could be due to my ever-running stint in the customer service biz, that people's inner crazy always seems to come out at family events or that my mother insists we listen to babyface's Christmas album circa 1998


however this holiday season, i am trying to make an exception. mariah carey has been played more than once, christmas carols have been sung at church, fairy lights admired and sugar cookies are currently being baked.
all i need now is a bad reindeer sweater and the cycle is complete.

ps. seems Beach House are making an exception too.

arcade fire do it better.

i'm assuming everyone and their mother has seen this already but it's too cool to pass up.


Farewelled a friend over the weekend with Henna, folk music and plenty of carrot and celery sticks.
i love her to bits and selfishly would rather she stay put.

{prettying it up in adelaide}


{pics stolen and ripped from facebook}


Tron, where good looking glow-in-the-dark people ride around on bikes, play ultimate frisbee
and dance to Daft Punk in their spare time.

some were more enthusiastic than others.


Spending my friday night with The Morning Benders.
Too brilliant for words they are. Here's hoping Santa snags me some tickets to see them soon.
Can you ever spend too much op-shopping? two hours and a few dollars short i left yesterday with a giant bag full of all-sorts and one superbright pink blazer. It's all for the greater good right?! the greater good for my closet mind you but greater good nonetheless...