Can you ever spend too much op-shopping? two hours and a few dollars short i left yesterday with a giant bag full of all-sorts and one superbright pink blazer. It's all for the greater good right?! the greater good for my closet mind you but greater good nonetheless...


  1. really, a bright pink blazer is for the greater good?! how is pink good for anything?
    can't wait to see this. and to go proper op-shopping again, the 'vintage' stores over here are harder on the purse than H&M.

  2. thats what i thought, but it somehow weaseled it's way into my bag and here we are. i'm compiling a list of things we'll do once you're back, sushi, photoplus and karaoke are already there along with pancakes and now, op-shopping. european stores would at least have something from a time before the 80's though, so many mc hammer pants lyin' around i tell you.