yesterdays news

Spent yesterday at Phillip Island, reading Yen, making sandcastles {with tunnels!}, eating lemon tart from 'Aunty Bess', watching lifesavers do their thing and enjoying good company.
Shame i didn't take a camera..
but i did go to country road later and buy a one-piece! i was weary to get one - seeing as the last time i wore a one piece i was 11, and in the swimming club... but it's super cute and was 25% off. SCORE.

How adorable is that Jumpsuit by Arabella Ramsay or the white cropped top from Fleur wood? *click pic to enlarge*

{Yen Scans from this month's issue. i love yen.}


The other night i caught the film 2012 with Marie and Karolina and let me just say..


and that if i hope to survive this film i must do one or all of the following:

1} Become a geologist/politician/ridiculously rich russian aristocrat
2} Listen to Woody Harrelson; even if he's a crazy forest-trolling loon.
3} Learn how to fly
4} Move to Africa

It's that simple.


from a mess to the masses!

I'm trying to avoid overloading this with vimeo/youtube vids & music posts
{two things i clearly adore and my number one reason for wasting time}
but this was just too awesome to pass up.

it all started with this 80's collab with Phoenix's Lisztomania, then came this, and most recently..

Bopping along and flailing your arms around is the only way to do it.

Letters to crushes

I came across this site dedicated to unrequited love and anonymous letters
a little gag-worthy in parts and others so, so sweet- i've already got my favourites:


October 24th

red-haired boy in the supermarket,

you’re my favorite. i like that you stock the milk aisle. i like that you look at me a little when i pretend to deliberate between 2% and skimmed.

i like your hands. i sometimes pretend we’re married. and i kiss you when you’re off to work, to stock the milk.


— green-eyed girl in the supermarket

March 5th


i like it when you ramble.

— him

December 22nd


I was so distracted thinking about you this morning that I accidentally brushed my teeth with face wash. It was worth it.

— K

Beautiful Losers.

Just my luck for this to catch my eye and realise that there was a screening.

In Melbourne.

Last Month.



fun fact #23

i'm a sucker for blouses and floral apparel. it's true.
{EDIT: have you seen Nadinoo's boutique? oh internet, you know me so well}

Meanwhile i'm being anti-social and spending this last friday alone {family plus nz travellers in tow will make the next two weeks verrry cosy at home} watching fallon, eating the leftover goodies vesna and stephanie left here last night and listening to my new favourite place on ze web.

awkward turtle.

now this is just downright disturbing..
reeeally? you couldn't get ANOTHER costume mr. easter bunny, really?


uber creepy and hilarious all at once, my favourite combination.

insomnia or daytrotter?

I don't know why but it seems lately when music is paired with illustration i get a wee bit giddy

{J. Tilman, Death Cab for Cutie, Mason Jennings, Sea Wolf, The Submarines & Fleet Foxes}
a little like this i s'pose with bios and song meanings generously attached.
i'm in love, and as a consequence cannot stop clicking through them all...
Must. Sleep.


Hear, Hear!

and while i'm on the subject of US politics...

please & thank you.


dear 'international relations'

aka. AIR109 you may have bored me to death but alas, i'll say it
i miss you.

In other news, i caught 'Capitalism: a love story' with a few of the girls tonight. i'm no expert on US politics
{FUN FACT: i'm taking the class next semester} but I did not roll my eyes once at Mr Moores sarcastic tone or his baggy pants & baseball cap get up.
It might be 'cos i just watched a Bernie Madoff doco not so long ago but this did not make me yawn once. A big achievement since that's all i would do whenever economics would come up at school. or ever really. Or it might be that i had to pat myself on the back for knowing what the economist types were talking about.
Mr Lecturer would be so proud.

On second thoughts, AIR109, i think i can do without you for the next four or so months.


usb; the new mix tape

Yes i'm aware i may be a little late to jump on this bandwagon but a friend of mine recently handed me a usb filled with tunes {in alphabetical order of course} and i still haven't been able to listen past these guys.
A for Animal Collective.


...and while i have your attention please divert your eyes to radiohead.

why? i've watched it that many times it seems ridiculous i haven't posted it on this here blog already. yes, ridiculous.

four minutes and thirty-one seconds you won't regret. trust me.



call me macaulay culkin...

well at least for the next week. my family have all left me for the motherland this weekend, new zealand that is.
hello tv dinners, my name's kamaia.

{personal pictures from the local beach back home}


oh, nostalgia.

remember this little gem of a film?
childhood memories all wrapped into one seriously cool mash up.

this one is also pretty special.



babysit the kids tonight or city it up with the girls. yeaaah.
i'm thinking home.

{coolest one year old going around}
{ari, baden & noah*}
i love love love them.
seriously, who would even consider the other option?
*picture accidently deleted but i should note him too, sorry noah-noah!


colouring + charity = genius.

You may or may not have seen this book circulating the media {slash} internet of late but boy oh boy do I want one. Along with illustrator Andy J Miller, the Yellow Bird Project {'dedicated to finding cool, unique, creative, and musical opportunities to incite change'}
have created The indie rock coloring book'*
Colour in Devendra Banhart's bird-filled beard or connect-the-stars whilst doing your bit for charity and all for a measly $10. Sign. Me. Up
yes i'm looking at you Secret Santa...


{devendra banhart & the beard in the flesh}
*i'll ignore the lack of u in coloUr. americans...


story of my life

'Watch out for the road instead of thinking about John Mayer and pointing at old cars!'
-Dad; on the way down to Rye for lunch