insomnia or daytrotter?

I don't know why but it seems lately when music is paired with illustration i get a wee bit giddy

{J. Tilman, Death Cab for Cutie, Mason Jennings, Sea Wolf, The Submarines & Fleet Foxes}
a little like this i s'pose with bios and song meanings generously attached.
i'm in love, and as a consequence cannot stop clicking through them all...
Must. Sleep.


  1. whoops, probably should have mentioned this one to you months ago. haha, but on the plus side, at least you didnt procrastinate as much then as you do now you've found this?
    but most importantly, how awesome is it?!

  2. haha oh my goodness you're getting so sloppy with these 'tip-off's friend.. i'd say my level of procrastination hasn't really varied from the time i was in study-mode sadly, more nap time and less deadlines pretty much. capital A for Amazing! Did you see the denim-on-denim in the next post? reminded me so much of matching yellow shirts in a certain engagement shoot.