dear 'international relations'

aka. AIR109 you may have bored me to death but alas, i'll say it
i miss you.

In other news, i caught 'Capitalism: a love story' with a few of the girls tonight. i'm no expert on US politics
{FUN FACT: i'm taking the class next semester} but I did not roll my eyes once at Mr Moores sarcastic tone or his baggy pants & baseball cap get up.
It might be 'cos i just watched a Bernie Madoff doco not so long ago but this did not make me yawn once. A big achievement since that's all i would do whenever economics would come up at school. or ever really. Or it might be that i had to pat myself on the back for knowing what the economist types were talking about.
Mr Lecturer would be so proud.

On second thoughts, AIR109, i think i can do without you for the next four or so months.

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