Letters to crushes

I came across this site dedicated to unrequited love and anonymous letters
a little gag-worthy in parts and others so, so sweet- i've already got my favourites:


October 24th

red-haired boy in the supermarket,

you’re my favorite. i like that you stock the milk aisle. i like that you look at me a little when i pretend to deliberate between 2% and skimmed.

i like your hands. i sometimes pretend we’re married. and i kiss you when you’re off to work, to stock the milk.


— green-eyed girl in the supermarket

March 5th


i like it when you ramble.

— him

December 22nd


I was so distracted thinking about you this morning that I accidentally brushed my teeth with face wash. It was worth it.

— K


  1. soooo kewt. haha, you love it when i rite lyk dis.
    also, i kind of want to write one. just 'cause.

  2. super cute. best kind of love letters