nytimes does cheesy too.

Now, i know we are no where near fathers day but i was browsing the nytimes archives today and found this piece on fathers and it was so cute and fun i had to blog about it
The Op-Ed editors asked eight artists for portraits of their fathers along with a talent they haven't but their fathers have acquired.

Chip Kidd - as an engineer, he can juryrig anything


Harrison Haynes - He can sing and play the drums at the same time.

i loved them so of course i had to do my own, thanks to my snazzy iphone paint app and my oh so obvious skill on tiny screens so came this masterpiece on the left. haa.

Kamaia: He can tie every knot in the book and is the first to have a first aid kit on hand, he carries one with him. all the time. not kidding.

{images via Op-Art}

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