current favourites.

I won't lie, I had alot of time to waste before work tonight and as a result along came this little ol' playlist
Down below are some of my -as the title of the post says- current favourites but I saw a theme coming on, stuck with it and added some oldies.
Happy Listening!


  1. totally burnt the sufjan song onto a cd for my car just before and wanna know how it came to be on it? itunes genius. it's a love affair.

    (but seriously, how trippy!?)

  2. casimir pulaski day? we are just too in sync sometimes :)

  3. this is my new play list....i will forever be stealing music of you....1.im too lazy to make my own....2.i dont know how to work anythin. thank-you kamaia for making it easy

  4. p.s i love casimir pulaski day. one of many songs still on my ipod from four yrs ago

  5. haha i'm glad my music remains on that thing after all this time. i'll post a new playlist soon!