friday shenanigans.

What's a friday night without friends, costumes, lots of food, a beauuutiful house and a murder mystery? think Cluedo except without the board and pieces. so much fun and all made possible by the lovely Hannah* on the bottom right {who clearly pulls a much cuter 'panda face' than me} and now i'm afraid all my friday nights following this evening just won't shape up.

*see her blog by clicking here.

{images via said lovely lady.}


  1. i love this! i also believe i have been bringing up the idea to do this for quite some time now. trust you guys to get onto it once i'm gone! haha

  2. you are brilliantly hilarious haha.
    and i think it's pretty evident your panda face is much more accurate than mine.. it doesn't even look like we have eyes! haha
    you. and i. miss kamaia. must do something!!
    but it must be like - super amazing - just like us haha
    ohh and you're so adorable~!! you put a link!!
    well now i must advertise yours ;P
    one promotion coming right up!!