oy with the poodles already!

haters of gilmore girls look away...

Lately i've been finding myself, well at least my insomniac self curled up on the couch watching the lovely ladies of stars hollow talk at the speed of lightning till the very wee hours of the morning. Granted i do have the series box set to make this all possible but i see a very grim future for my exam marks if i keep this habit up.
Back to 'studying' i go...


  1. i approve of this procrastination :)

  2. what if gilmore girls never existed? think about it.
    all those nights spent watching re-runs over and over again.
    my life would have led to a different track.

  3. oh i don't even want to think about that possibility kels! my life would feel a little empty without kirk and his 23893432 day jobs.

  4. erm, yeah. must disagree.
    just finished watching season 5 of how i met your mother- so much better ;)

  5. love love love! very cute pic!!

  6. Marie, your opinion is based on lies and slander! Gilmore girls is in a whooole other league compared to himym, I believe the majority would agree with me also. Mhhm.