iphones anonymous.

i have a confession, i kamaia, am addicted to my iphone. not like 'hey let me check that email' more like 'hey-let-me-check-that-email-oh-wait-i-changed-the-settings-to-alarm-me-every-15-minutes' and not only that but the games! oh the games. at first it started as a boredom solver on my way to uni but it has since taken over my life. {those damn angry birds even made me miss my train station on wednesday} right this moment as i close my eyes i can still see that little green monster doodle-jumping it's way to victory.


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  1. welcome to my life. except now the only purpose it serves is being a TOY. i can't even get e-mails on it unless i'm in a wi-fi receiving vicinity.
    ps. have you got the new doodle jump update?? world cup is so so soon! ahh!