job well done mr. scorsese.

I took a trip down to the cinemas last night with Vesna & Stephanie to see the new Scorsese flick Shutter Island and despite all the bad reviews and my tendancy to cry/freak out/drop my popcorn in every thriller I loved it! Some may have got more out of it than others, {Stephanie's opinion of the film in it's two hour-or so entirety: 'that was a bit strange'} but the consensus was good all 'round. I have also decided that children + unsettling music really make for an uneasy Kamaia. Give me old people any day but kids give me the creeps, especially the there-but-not-really-there kind. gaaaah.


  1. I was thinking of watching that, do you recommend it?

  2. yes. see it right this instant {going by the time difference, 12:41pm} do it!

  3. I watched it on Thursday, it was neat!